Benjamin Williams

Mild/Moderate Teacher



Student Support

Hi, Family! I’m a Colorado Native, although I was born in Washington D.C. on a fluke. For me, teaching began my second career. I completed my undergrad in Accounting from the University of Wyoming working first as an auditor for a large accounting firm, later, as the Accounting Director for, and finally as the Director of Cloud Budgeting and Planning Implementation for Tidemark in San Francisco. The proud parent of two boys, one of whom has special needs, led me to change careers in 2016. I received my Master’s Degree in Special Education from the University of Denver in 2018 while also student teaching at Howell. Since graduating, I have been teaching Mild/Moderate Special Education at Howell. I’m passionate about students’ success and I believe it begins with a safe, welcoming environment for all of our kids. When not working, I can often be found on a hiking trail, in a campsite, or at home gardening and cooking.