Dual Language

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We offer a Dual Language program in our elementary classrooms. In dual language programs, students are taught in two languages throughout their elementary and secondary education.

What is Dual Language?

Dual Language is a form of bilingual education in which students are taught in two languages.  Currently our dual language program will include Spanish and English.  

Farrell B. Howell will use a 90/10 Spanish Dual Language Program. 

Which grade levels will have Dual Language options?

The dual language program has started in ECE. We will add a grade level each year for students who have previously been enrolled in dual language programming to show Spanish proficiency. 

Benefits of Dual Language

There are many benefits to being in a dual language program. Students in dual language programs do as well as or better academically than their peers in English-only settings and have the added benefit of learning a second language. Dual language students:


90/10 Dual Language Model

The 90/10 dual language model emphasizes Spanish first for 90% of the day and English for 10% of the day. The emphasis on Spanish instruction in the early grades gives all students a jump-start on building a strong foundation in vocabulary and literacy skills in Spanish. As students progress through the program, more English will be introduced until students spend 50% of their day in Spanish and 50% in English. The skills learned in Spanish will transfer to English, so that all students leave bilingual and bi-literate. The table below shows the time spent in each language as a student progresses through the grade levels.

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